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Our BACK2SCHOOL series is a great combo offer. A perfect mix of our all time classics, the tunti-tuntas (naughty girl-boy in kannada) pencil boxes and sharpeners with our handmade, block-printed fabric cover journals. The journal here consists of 100 plain pages and the block print is inspired from our very own push toy. Arffee the Giraffe. The wooden accessories are made from wrightia-tinctoria using the 200year old toy-craft of lac-turnery. The wood is extremely safe and known for its medicinal properties. The colours used are natural dyes and non-toxic. A great gift idea for your little one or also as return gifts for birthday parties. 


PENCIL BOX ~ 10.5" overall height, 30mm inner dia, 50mm outer dia;  JOURNAL ~ 6" X 9"


Best suited for kids above 3 years. 

Please clean with a clean piece of cloth. All lacware products must be kept in shaded areas and must avoid direct exposure to sun. Avoid impact against hard surfaces as the lac coating may chip. Please do not wash these items as they are wooden and the lac-colour will peel.