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(SKU ID: KT9878D0617 )

Rs. 3,550


Our attempt to reinterpret the traditional toy craft of Channapatna translates to these one-of-a-kind statement lighting. This compact lamp is perfect to create some much needed mood lighting in the corners of your room. They also make great bedside table lamps especially in pairs.  The fittings are of export quality. The conical shade is made of premium grey check motifs on handwoven ikat from the Koyyalagudem village in Andhra Pradesh. The wooden base is made of Wrightia tinctoria, a medicinal plant and handturned in Channapatna, Karnataka. This product is thus a fusion of two beautiful crafts from South India.

Please note that you can select any combination of shade and lamp base from amongst all our designs. They are all available as sets and separates too. And the prices are inclusive of 12 and 18% gst and shipping.


Lamp Base ~ 4inches dia X 7inches height

Shade (M) ~ 4" dia x 6" height x 10" base dia


To clean use a mildly damp piece of clean cloth. All lacware products must be kept in shaded areas and must avoid direct exposure to sun. Avoid blows against hard surfaces.