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THAPPA is the hindi word for the wooden blocks that are used in hand-block printing. The unsung heroes that make our textiles sing and come alive.  Our THAPPA Series brings the focus back on these wooden master pieces, giving them their rightful place - at the centre of things.

As part of the me2we initiative by the Hundred Hands NGO, we worked with master artisan block-maker Mohammed Tahir and his group of artisans to create 'thappas' inspired from our channapatna wooden toys. These thappas have then been accentuated with each piece being handfitted into our glossy and colorful hand-turned channapatna rims to create a series of wall hooks. This thappa is inspired from our very popular rattles, the Gyaani Goobes or the Wise Owls stacker (check our kids section).

This design also celebrates the beauty of wood in its myriad avataars - the hand block is made of sheesham, the glossy colourful rims of wrightia tinctoria or 'hale mara' while the hook behind is made of beech wood.

Please note that since each block is hand-carved, you will find surface imperfections and abberations. That is the beauty of the hand-carving process and is not a defect. The owl stacking toy, shown in the pics is for representational purposes only and is not part of the product.


8.5cm height X 8.5.cm depth


All lacware products must be kept in shaded areas and must avoid direct exposure to sun. Avoid blows against hard surfaces. Please do not wash them with water. Wood can react variedly to atmospheric changes which is beyond our control. To clean use a mildly damp piece of clean cloth.